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We are now accepting registrations for early access to Mailtrail beginning Oct 1, 2023. This early access includes a free 1-month evaluation of Mailtrail and provides discounted pricing for subscribers. Mailtrail Early Access membership provides the following benefits:

1. Early Access: Members get exclusive access to Mailtrail before it is available to the general public.

2. Discounts or Pricing Incentives: In addition to the 1-month evaluation period, Early Access Members are eligible for discounted pricing on monthly and annual plans.

3. Feature Requests and Input: Early Access Members support the development process by providing feedback, suggesting new features, and reporting bugs. This helps Mailtrail better support the needs of each company.


4. Personalized Support: Early Access Members get direct support from Mailtrail executives and engineers.


5. Exclusive Access to Beta Features: Members get early access to Mailtrail’s AI assistant for automatically generating learning content based on policy documents.


If you would like to join Mailtrail Early Access, please click here to register.

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